Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Six: Screws

I want to start this blog off with a little bit of good news! There was no additional moisture in our basement after yesterday's big rain, meaning that we don't have any leaks in our basement. So, we are off to get a dehumidifier and see if that does anything. What we did learn, though, is that our gutters are filled with all sorts of debris and just overflow over the sides whenever it rains.

Okay, now to what this post is really about...screws. There are more screws in this entire house than I think should be allowed. Yesterday, we went over to start removing the blinds and any left over window coverings. I started upstairs because the ceilings are only 6 feet tall meaning that I can reach the tops of all of the windows. There area 11 windows upstairs (quick side note, there are 12 windows in the entire house we live in right now) and I came to find that all windows had blind in them which equals 4 screws each. Some windows had two sets of blind brackets equalling 8 screws. Some windows had curtain rods adding four more screws each. Two of the windows had some sort of wood/country brackets, eight screws per window, and three of the windows had ugly cornice boards attached with four screws each and a little hammer action to go with it.

In total, I removed 82 screws yesterday not knowing that there was an electric screwdriver sitting downstairs on the kitchen counter!

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