Monday, August 11, 2014

He is Finished

So, it definitely took longer than anyone anticipated but I have to tell you all that The Husband worked really hard and is finally finished with the renovation of the girls' room.  It is my opinion that he has a love/hate relationship with this room but I have to brag that it is beautiful!  I am so impressed with the care and craftsmanship that went into this room!

And because, who doesn't love a good before and after!!

This is what the room looked like when we bought the place!

And how about a couple side-by-sides just for fun too?!

Now comes the decorating.....I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where Do We Go From Here

As we are coming into the final stages of the room renovation, you may be wondering what it is all going to end up looking like.  Well, I am wondering that too.

The Girls and I spent a fair amount of time looking at rooms on Pinterest and this is the room they decided to use for inspiration.  And when I say "inspiration" I mean that in the loosest of forms.

We found a lofted bed at Value City Furniture that we think is going to look great.  You can take a look at it here.  What I love about it is the built in storage.  I swear, these girls have so much stuff!!

Below is the bedding we have chosen from Target and the walls are going to be painted the same color, maybe one shade lighter.

And then bring in some pops of hot pink with items such as this great pillow (also from Target)
Or theses fans from Oriental Trading

I am not really sure how it is all going to come together - but I still think that it is going to be great!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Over on Time and Over on Budget

You know how when you watch those reality home improvement shows and everyone seems to go over on their timeline and on their budget.  Well, guess what?
Actually, it isn't that bad and I have to tell you that I am so super impressed with how the room is coming together.  It is going to be spectacular when it is all finished.  The Husband has been working super hard and after the mess he created during demo, well, lets just say that construction is just as dirty.  Dusting has become one of my daily chores.
Here are some pictures of how far the room has come.  Check out the wonderful drywall work done by the rookie Husband.  I have to say his patience and attention to detail really paid off on this one.  If it was me who did it, it would not be nearly this nice. 
However, I did finally get to help out a little with the room.  I was charged with filling all the nail holes in the ceiling and today, I got to prime it!  So check out the last picture if you want a taste of my hand-work.
Oh, and we (okay, Matt) rebuilt the closet.  It is huge!  Can you say storage?!?!?!?!?!  Also, on the same wall as the closet we are going to, someday, build a built-in window seat (with storage) and a small desk with bookshelves above it.  It is going to be very cool!

I had to throw this picture in the bunch too because it is just too cute.  Here The Husband is giving The Boy a lesson on how to properly apply the drywall mud.  They look like a couple of pros don't they?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Living in Chaos

I think that one of the hardest parts of renovating the girls' room was deciding how we were going to move the girls out of their room.  As I mentioned in my previous post, they are hoarders my nature (as almost all kids are) and they have a lot of stuff.  Not to mention that we do not live in a very large home so it was not like we could move them into a guest room or anything. 
If you promise not to judge, I will take you on a very quick tour of how we will be living during this renovation.
Here is a look into our hallway.  At the end, blocking access to our computer, you will see a large clothing rack with all of their hanging clothes.  Underneath, you will see two laundry baskets filled with their shoes.  Just in front of that you will see a cubby shelf full of all of their books and their American Girl Dolls.  The blue dresser is always there and acts as our linen closet so you can just ignore that.  But that white thing in the foreground with, what look to be, wheels on it.  That is their dresser.
Originally, we thought that we may just be able to move each girl's bed into the hall and make it into a little mock bedroom for them.  But, as you can see, that plan did not happen.
Plan two was to let the girls sleep in our bedroom while Matt and I slept on our couches.  Makes me kind of wish that we sprung for that sleeper sofa when we bought new couches back in January.  That plan wasn't going to work either, mainly just because I like my bed too much.

So, we made some room in our bedroom to put Peyton's mattress in our room (notice there is even more stuff from the girls' bedroom loaded up in the Master).

And we put Elaina on the floor in Drew's room.  I would like to take a moment here to emphasize that this room is only 6 feet by 9 feet.  They are living in very tight quarters right now.

I really thought this would be difficult for all three kids.  Peyton and Elaina have shared a room since Peyton was 2 years old so I was not sure how they would handle being split up.  I also was not sure how Drew would react to having a roommate.  It the end, the novelty of it all won over and all three kids are having a blast.  The girls have spent more time laying in their beds reading during the day than I think they ever have before.  I also think this may make transitioning Drew to a big boy bed easier because he loves laying on Elaina' bed.  And, last night after tucking the kids in, I over heard Elaina and Drew talking before going to sleep.  I don't think there is anything cuter than a conversation between a two year old and a nine year old.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Our First Big Renovation

I have to start this post with a public apology to Matt (aka The Husband) because I think I may have tricked him into doing this renovation.  I have never been a fan of the girls' room and I think it is for three reasons.  Reason #1:  The wood paneling on the walls.  For those of you who never got to see it in person, here is a picture of what the room looked like when we moved in.  Reason #2:  The ugly color I picked to paint the girls room.  They wanted a pink room and I think I was so thrown off by the panels that I picked the ugliest pink there was to offer.  Reason #3:  The girls share a room and are both hoarders by nature so the room always seemed overcrowded to me.  My secret hope is now that we have cleared everything out of the room, the girls may not notice if not everything makes it back in.
Okay, back to my apology.  So, I have never liked this room and we had started talking about getting the girls new bedroom furniture which led to discussion on whether we could take down the paneling.......and maybe build them a new closet......and maybe put in a bead board ceiling.......and maybe just gut the whole room?
As any of you fellow renovators may know - there is never a good time to do a renovation and this one may take the cake as being the most inconvenient renovation ever.  We got back from vacation this past Tuesday and by Wednesday around noon, I had The Husband knocking down walls.  Of course, I couldn't help him because I had to watch the kids:)
I was nice enough to empty out the room for him.  So this is what it looked like when he started.

 And this is what it looked like at the end of Day 1

 The Man does know how to use a sledge hammer doesn't he?   I don't think the demo was his least favorite part, but I do think removing all of the demo was what did him in.  He took, I don't even know how many, trips down the stairs carrying loads of wood paneling, dry wall, and plaster.  I know If I was him, there was no way I would even be able to walk after going up and down those stairs.

Now that I showed him a little sympathy, I am going to whine a little bit.  The dust is TERRIBLE!!!    I mean, I knew it was going to be bad but living in it with three kids was beyond.  So bad that yesterday when Matt was carrying loads of plaster out to our dumpster, I just had to take the kids to the pool because I could not stand to be in the house anymore.  I know, poor me.

But, I did come home from the pool, to find this!

A room empty of debris and ready for some drywall!

Just incase you need a visual to show sympathy for all the trips Matt took up and down our stairs.

Here is round 1 with all of the paneling.

And here is round 2 of all the plaster.

For those of you who do not know.....plaster is REALLY heavy.

He's the best isn't he?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Mini-Reno

Let's hope that what you are seeing here is a trend! It is starting to feel like we are back on the home-improvement wagon and I am liking it!  I think that the house was in such bad shape when we bought it that putting up a few coats of paint felt like it was a huge improvement.  Well, now we are back to work and are going through the house room by room in, what I am going to call Phase 2, of our home improvement projects (I am thinking that there are 4 Phases in all).

So, here we have tackled that 1/2 bath.  To give you an idea of what the bathroom used to look like, I have included this picture:

In all honesty, when we moved in, all we did was paint this bathroom and replace the incandescent light bulbs with some prettier globe bulbs.  Not a huge improvement over all.  This is the bathroom that our kids use to brush their teeth and stuff but it is also the bathroom that any of our guests would use.  Something that I always got a little embarrassed about.

Well, not any more!  Check it out!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to The Husband for rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty with this one.  I did not help with this project at all, unless you count keeping this kids out of his way.  As this kids get older, they also start to accumulate more activities which means that our weekends are not as available as they used to be.  So, this past weekend - I took the kids to The Oldest's lacrosse practice and when we came home our bathroom was a totally different space!

Here are two more pictures for you, just incase you wanted to see what the rest of the bathroom looks like.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Bought New Couches!

After three years of living with a couch that belonged in a home with much bigger rooms (see my previous post) we decided it was about time to go out and get some new couches. And here they are in all their glory"


Of course, one cannot just go out and buy new couches.  One must also by new tables, new lamps, new curtains, and new rugs.

We are not totally finished yet.  I am not a huge fan of the pillows that came with the couches so I would like to get different ones.  We also need to take some time out to find some more decor items and plants.  But, for now, we are very happy with it.

If you like before and after pictures (I do) here are some for you.

Some day, I hope to develop my photography skills a little bit more so that you all can ohh and ahh over the beautiful pictures of my home but - for now, I am going to give you "non staged" pictures that I shot with my beat-up little Nikon CoolPix!

Oh, and if any of you were looking at the pictures thinking to yourselves "their TV looks smaller".  The reason is, because it is.  The TV we are watching now is actually the TV from our bedroom.  A word to the wise - never buy your kid a bow and arrow and then let her shoot it in the house.

Couches - Elder Beerman
Sofa, Coffee and Media Tables - Value City Furniture
Table Lamp - Home Depot
Floor Lamp - JC Penny
Rug - Lowe's
Stacked Suitcases - Pottery Barn