Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Fifty-six: Fridge

First of all, let me say that I am completely aware that I have not been sticking to my daily updates as promised but I am getting back into routine PLUS we have been very busy at The House so I will have more to talk about.

Today, I will be talking about our fridge. The House came with a fridge and a stove that we didn't actually love but would do for now. Below is a picture of the fridge that came with The New/Old House (which is how I will be referring to it from now on).
Pretty standard fridge but no bells and whistles - never thought there would be a day I would have to buy ice cube trays:)

Anyways, The Husband's Uncle came over yesterday to tell us that his son-in-law (who just moved) is planning to get rid of his perfectly good side-by-side fridge for FREE! Of course we accepted the offer and will be going over this weekend to pick it up.

What perfect timing since we are putting the finishing touches on the kitchen! I am hoping to convince The Husband to come to IKEA with me this weekend to buy some window treatments for the kitchen and we should be finished my Monday!!


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