Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Sixty-Seven: Mulch

So The Husband and The Father-in-Law are one in the same person. When they get an idea about something there is no stopping them. This week is was the flower beds. Now, keep in mind that we live in Ohio and there is a very good chance that it could snow next week but still, The Husband was obsessed with putting new mulch in all of our beds.

There are some things that I know I just need to let The Husband do and this was one of them. Ten hours of work and fifty-eight bags of mulch later, the beds to look much nicer but we do not have any plants in them and will not be planing them until probably next Fall which, The Husband has already admitted, will require 58 more bags of mulch.

Waste of time, you be the judge? My guess is that all you men out there would have done the exact same thing but, I am hoping that the ladies are with me on this one:)

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