Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Seventy-Three: Design

Well, today marks another day of painting trim in The Front Room and The Dining Room. Just like The Kitchen, it is making an huge impact but is taking FOREVER

So, instead of boring you with more pictures of half painted wood work, I thought I would bless you with another Design Board.

This one is for our Master Bedroom. You know, for a while I was seriously considering this rug for my jumping off point:

Cowhide Rug

But then I realized two things: 1) In no way are we cool enough to pull something like that and 2) It is an actual cow hide! Not a fake. In now way will I be able to sleep in a house that I already think may be haunted while my bed is resting on a dead cow!

So I have settled on something much more traditional but still in the same color scheme. What do you think?

Kajsa Pillow, Seasonless Comforter,Pjatteryd Picture,

Kajsa Rug, Country Cotton Throw, Trim Paint Color

Aruba White Panels, Hamnes Mirror, Portofino Bath Towels

Vilmie Parla Pillow, Alcante Double Vanity, Wall Paint Color

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