Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 154: Lord Help Me

This past weekend marked the first of our Christmas celebrations and it also marked the first Hardware gift card received by The Husband.

As it seems I have forced him to take the month of December off (like he would have had any time) he has built up a list of projects. The first on his list - to rewire the basement. So, off to Home Depot we went to get all sorts of stuff from the "Electric" aisle.

Now, I am super excited about the updated lighting in our basement. All lights will be connected to the same switch that will be placed right at the top of the steps. The way it is wired now, I have to walk deep into the dark depths of the basement to turn on a series of three different lights. So - excited about that! The Lord Help Me part comes from the fact that The Husband will be the one doing all of this. He seems quite confident in his abilities and I know he is well read in this area but I am sure this project is going to end up being much more involved that either of us have anticipated and I am not quite convinced this will be as neat and pretty has he thinks it will be.

Fingers Crossed!!!

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