Friday, March 4, 2011

Cleaning Fool!

I am a cleaning fool today! I guess it all started yesterday when, inspired by the four days of sunshine in a row, I decide to lighten up our built-ins to look a little more springy. To get an idea of what they used to look like you can click HERE.

So what that meant was that I had to take everything off of the shelves - clean those items, wipe down the shelves, and clean everything that went back up on the shelves. I also decided to move some other items around in the house which led to a little more dusting than I had initially intended.

All well and good right? Wrong? Because so far today I have cleaned both bathrooms (because they really needed it), done three loads of laundry and then decided to clean out the pantry:

Which led to cleaning off the shelves in the kitchen, which meant washing all of the glassware and the dishes. Okay maybe not the crystal on the top shelf but can you blame me?

So, all shelves are cleaned, the bathrooms are cleaned, all linens are washed, the kitchen is cleaned, and its not even lunchtime yet. Still to come - sweeping, cleaning and polishing all of the floors!

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