Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Vacation Photos

Alright, so I though I would close out this week with some pictures from our wonderful vacation. Now, I am awful about taking my camera places so there was a whole lot more fun stuff we did on vacation, I just don't have any pictures of it:)

The girls lovin' on each other in their 4th of July get-ups.

4th of July Bonfire just before we were informed that there was an island-wide burn ban. But don't worry we made sure to finish up the s'mores before we put the fire out.

One of two turtles nests we saw while we were there - I just couldn't help but turn it into a science lesson for all the kids.

Professional kite flyer #1

Professional kite flyer #2

The Girls with their cousin diggin' in the sand. Yes, the youngest is in a nightgown and yes their cousin is in a tutu. I mean, what do you guys wear when you go to the beach???

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