Friday, February 17, 2012


I am sure that you have all heard me complain talk about our bathroom situation before.  It is not necessarily ideal but we are making it work for now.  Technically our house has one full and two half baths.  One of the half baths is in the basement and, frankly, I am afraid to walk into it let alone to anything else.  The second half bath is upstairs and as much as I love that guests get a full house tour every time they have to use the bathroom, a downstairs guest bath would be nice.  The full bath is actually a master bath which is really nice and works well for us while the kids are young but could get a little inconvenient when the kids get a little older - not to mention that we do not have a bath tub anywhere in The House which has pushed us to get a little creative for when we will be bathing the baby:)

So I am going to ask you to cut me some slack here and let me dream a little bit....because we do plan to put an addition on The House.

Our addition will be off of the first floor of our house and I would like it to include a Master Bedroom, an additional bedroom which will be for The Boy, and a den which will also serve as a guest room when necessary.  What this will also do is give The Girls' the full run of the upstairs.  So what do bathrooms have to do with this?  When the addition goes on I would love for The Boy's room to have its own bathroom, for there to be a beautiful Master Bathroom as well as a third full bathroom which will serve as our guest bathroom.  Upstairs, I would love to knock down the wall between the bathrooms and create one big fabulous bathroom for The Girls.  Yes you heard be correctly 4 FULL BATHROOMS!!  And I want them to all have their own personalities so I have been collecting ideas as I come across them

Here are two of my favorites:
Inspiration for out Guest Bath down stairs. I love everything about it, especially the horizontal boards on the wall and the wall-mounted faucet.

Inspiration for the Master Bathroom, I love that the shower and toilet are separate from the sinks.  I would also love the the entrance to be two big ol' sliding barn doors - how much fun would that be?

For The Girls' bathroom I using IKEA as my inspiration - very sleek and clean lines but with lots of color.

For the Boy's bathroom I almost want it too feel like a public bathroom (is the weird?) with a very simple wall mounted sink and lots of subway tile.

In four years I will let you all know how it turns out:)

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