Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Mini-Reno

Let's hope that what you are seeing here is a trend! It is starting to feel like we are back on the home-improvement wagon and I am liking it!  I think that the house was in such bad shape when we bought it that putting up a few coats of paint felt like it was a huge improvement.  Well, now we are back to work and are going through the house room by room in, what I am going to call Phase 2, of our home improvement projects (I am thinking that there are 4 Phases in all).

So, here we have tackled that 1/2 bath.  To give you an idea of what the bathroom used to look like, I have included this picture:

In all honesty, when we moved in, all we did was paint this bathroom and replace the incandescent light bulbs with some prettier globe bulbs.  Not a huge improvement over all.  This is the bathroom that our kids use to brush their teeth and stuff but it is also the bathroom that any of our guests would use.  Something that I always got a little embarrassed about.

Well, not any more!  Check it out!!!!!!!

I am so thankful to The Husband for rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty with this one.  I did not help with this project at all, unless you count keeping this kids out of his way.  As this kids get older, they also start to accumulate more activities which means that our weekends are not as available as they used to be.  So, this past weekend - I took the kids to The Oldest's lacrosse practice and when we came home our bathroom was a totally different space!

Here are two more pictures for you, just incase you wanted to see what the rest of the bathroom looks like.

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