Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Over on Time and Over on Budget

You know how when you watch those reality home improvement shows and everyone seems to go over on their timeline and on their budget.  Well, guess what?
Actually, it isn't that bad and I have to tell you that I am so super impressed with how the room is coming together.  It is going to be spectacular when it is all finished.  The Husband has been working super hard and after the mess he created during demo, well, lets just say that construction is just as dirty.  Dusting has become one of my daily chores.
Here are some pictures of how far the room has come.  Check out the wonderful drywall work done by the rookie Husband.  I have to say his patience and attention to detail really paid off on this one.  If it was me who did it, it would not be nearly this nice. 
However, I did finally get to help out a little with the room.  I was charged with filling all the nail holes in the ceiling and today, I got to prime it!  So check out the last picture if you want a taste of my hand-work.
Oh, and we (okay, Matt) rebuilt the closet.  It is huge!  Can you say storage?!?!?!?!?!  Also, on the same wall as the closet we are going to, someday, build a built-in window seat (with storage) and a small desk with bookshelves above it.  It is going to be very cool!

I had to throw this picture in the bunch too because it is just too cute.  Here The Husband is giving The Boy a lesson on how to properly apply the drywall mud.  They look like a couple of pros don't they?

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