Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Ten: Kitchen

Ewwwwwww...this kitchen is gross! Yesterday was Day 1 of cleaning the kitchen and today will mark Day 2. Please, let's just hope that there isn't going to be a Day 3.

My tasks yesterday included: cleaning the fridge, cleaning the stove, cleaning the pantry, wiping down all of the shelving, and cleaning the lower cabinets. The first round of Whole House Cleaning is being done with my trusty bucket and bottle of Pine-sol. Yesterday I had to change out my water NINE times. I swear that with just one wipe of a counter the water would turn black instantly.

Today I am going to tackle to kitchen floor that is beyond disgusting. My guess is that I will probably have to go over it at least three times just to make it look presentable. Here's to hoping that all that dirt comes up.

The worst part of it all is that somebody decided to GLUE this really cheap linoleum floor down in the kitchen. I have to believe that, at one time, this kitchen also had a beautiful wood floor that is now ruined. I hate that I have to clean something that is so ugly.

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