Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Eleven: Work-Day

Well, our trip to Chicago was cancelled so we will be spending time in The House this weekend. We decided, still, to send The Girls away for a weekend of play with Mimi and Papa so that we can get down and dirty with no distractions.

On the list for this weekend's To-Do's:

1) Take down the rest of the molding/trim
2) Clean the kitchen floor (I totally have been putting this off)
3) Take up all the carpet upstairs
4) Rent a heavy-duty weed whacker to attack the backyard
5) Clean out the shed

It shouldn't be too terrible hot this weekend so I am excited at the prospect of leaving the windows open and getting some air circulating through the house.

This is our last free weekend until September so I am hoping that we can cross a lot of the above items off our list.

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