Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Thirty-three: Plaster

While sitting around on a lazy Sunday we decided that we needed to be some-what productive and head over to the house. Originally, The Husband, had the idea to start painting the kitchen but there were still a thousand little jobs around the house that needed to be done.

One very important job I wanted to get done was to clean the house again. Anytime I take The Girls over there, they always come home with black feet and I hate to think about the dirt they are playing in.

I have put off cleaning only because we have about thirty plaster spots (where The Husband had filled nail holes) that needed to be sanded - oh what a mess that was going to make. Being that I am so handy, I decide to take the project on myself and start sanding the plaster. I did The Dining Room but decided to clean in there before heading off to the other rooms.

As I started wiping down the walls I learned that a wet rag works much better at removing the excess plaster than sanding does. Upon discovering this, it felt very similar to how I felt when I learned we had a power screw driver (83 nails too late).

Okay, so maybe I created a little extra work for myself in the beginning, but this is great news! All of our walls are pretty rough and I was afraid that the smoother new plaster patches would still be very noticeable after we painted. Now, with my new-found discovery I was able to wipe off all of the plaster except for that that filled the hole. Even better than that - NO DUST!!

Win/Win situation for me and now we have a clean house and hole-less walls!

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