Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Thirty-two: Busing

I learned an interesting thing yesterday. For Kindergarten, our School District is divided up into two sections - AM & PM. So, if you move within the district after the start of school you risk forfeiting transportation.

The Oldest is in AM kindergarten, which means that kids in our entire neighborhood all go to AM kindergarten. There are other neighborhoods that are all PM kids. So if you move to an AM neighborhood to a PM neighborhood, they won't send a bus special to get your child - busing.

We are planning to move Nov. 1 so this should probably affect us - NOPE! Almost all of the buses have to drive past The House to get to her school so the will make a special stop just for her:)

I guess I shouldn't tell them that we plan to walk most days;)

Here is a pic of The Oldest at Bus Orientation:

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