Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Twenty-eight: Electrician

The Husband, or as I should now refer to him - The Electrician - has been on a mission over the past few day. He went out and got himself a voltmeter and I think has found a new vocation. You see, there are two different types of wiring in our house - the type that will start a fire and the type that will not. Fortunately, the type that will start a fire (I think it is called post and tube) is easy to remove. Another bonus is that the Realtor who sold us this home is a retired electrician.

So those two crazy boys spend a couple of hours in the cellar locating the old wiring, the old outlets and everything else one would need to do in that situation. Since the, The Husband has decided that he needs to tear down some sub-walls and some sub-ceiling in the basement to get the job done.

I have full faith that he knows what he is doing but the part that makes me smile is how much he is enjoying it. I am thinking of getting him a shirt with his name embroidered on it so he can wear it anytime he is working over there.

I, myself, have taken a bit of a break from The House because there isn't much for me to do over there on my own and we don't have a whole lot of time to go over together so I am concentrating on things over here at the house we currenlty live in, in hopes that is sells soon and I will have to start posting about my adventures in Moving!!!

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