Monday, August 16, 2010

Day Twenty-seven: Digger

So during our Garage Sale I kept hearing the roar of a construction vehicle engine and the sound of trees snapping. Immediately, panic set it - we live on a tree lined lot and that tree line is one of the best things we have going for us when selling this house.

I called The Husband just to confirm the location of our property line and then went out to confront the driver of this tree-snapping digger. Firs, I think I scared the you-know-what about him and then asked him "Do you know that this fence does not mark the end of my property?). His answer to this was, of course, no and that he was on a mission from his boss to tear down any growth that had less than a 6in diameter.

Well then - thank goodness he wasn't going to cut down any of the trees, but what about all of the brush that is really giving us our privacy?

After a very nice conversation, he moved on but look what he did to our neighbors yard! It used to look just like our yard.
Our Yard
Our Neighbor's yard (used to look just like ours!)

I can hear the diggers working right now and I just hope they don't plan to revisit our tree line!

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