Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Twenty: Floors

Do-it-yourself or hire a professional? That is the questions we are continually faced when working on The House.

Today we are meeting with a person to get a quote for refinishing the hardwood floors downstairs as well as the steps. For a short period of time, we were thinking that we may want to do this ourselves but soon decided that that may not be the best idea. These are very old floors with a very dark finish on them right now and that would mean a lot of hand sanding by us to make sure we got all of that dark color out of all of the grooves and warps that have formed over the years (all 175 of them).

So, the hope is that the gentleman we are meeting with this afternoon will give us a reasonable price for just the sanding and prepping of the floors and then we can do the staining and sealing on our own.

The floors upstairs, I think, are doable on our own but if we get a good quote from this guy, you never know......

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  1. Hire someone! Best money we ever spent. Get lots of quotes. We got about 6 and the one we went with us over $1000 cheaper than others...