Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Fifty-eight: Teaser Photos

Two days ago we were working over at The New/Old House (obviously) and The Oldest kept asking if she could help. Now, a few days prior we let her help with the painting and she was very good at it. The problem was that The Youngest also wanted to paint and she is not very good at it.

On this particular day, The Husband was fixing a doorknob and I was cleaning the counter tops with some very serious stripping chemicals to get all of the primer off. So, both jobs she couldn't really help with.

One job I could giver her, though....take some picture of the kitchen.

Keeping in mind that these pictures are from two days ago and that the kitchen is now completely done (before and after pics will be posted tomorrow) but, what do you think of our little 5-year-old photographer?

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