Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Sixty-one: Sorry

I am sorry that I did not get these up before the weekend but, somehow, I lost my weekend! Where did it go? We were all so busy these past few days and I cannot believe that it is Monday already.

Anyways, here are some pics of The Kitchen!!! I have misplaced my camera so these were taken with my phone but, as you can see, it is finally finished!

Um, yes this is a picture of an air vent - but even that is something that we needed to fix and replace:)

New doorknob on the pantry so know it actually latches when you close it - I am so proud of The Husband for installing that (he had to drill a new hole and everything)

Notice the hook in the pantry for my aprons:)
The Husband, The Father-in-Law, and The Uncle delivered the donated fridge to the house yesterday, so I have not gotten any pictures of that yet. We are just a towel-rod away from being finished.

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