Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Forty-Eight: Kitchen

I know I made some big promise of a total kitchen make-over and I will deliver soon - just not yet. Our hope was to have the kitchen totally finished by the end of Labor Day weekend but we didn't anticipate the amount of labor (get it, Labor Day/labor) that would go into it. So, here is what we have so far.
Some BEFORE pics

The pile-o-supplies after our first trip to Home Depot and Lowe's. We had to go back to Home Depot once to exchange the hardware I picked out, back to Lowe's once to buy more paint and to the Springboro Hardware to buy more primer. But...notice the new ceiling fan? Nice right?

Day One (Saturday) was spent priming everything. This took a little longer than we thought just because of the grooves in the paneling. Thanks goodness The Father-in-Law stopped by because The Girls were getting restless and a 2-year old & 5-year old are not fun to have around with pans full of primer in a house filled with wood flooring.

The Husband played golf on Sunday so I went over to put the first coat of paint on all of the cabinet doors. Which, when all is said in done, will have needed a coat of primer and four coats of paint to cover the black paint already on them.

What did the girls do during this time? Why, they watched movies on my laptop for three hours:)

Monday was a big day because we were finally putting color on the walls. What a huge difference it makes! I love the China White and we will be using it on all of our trim throughout the house. The wall color I chose has a little too much pink in it so we are probably going to repaint that but...in the kitchen that is only one half of a wall.

So, tomorrow will be the final coat of paint and then hopefully we can have everything put back together by the end of the week.

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