Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day Sixty-three: Busy

It has been a busy week here at our place. Unfortunately, we have not been all that busy at the New/Old House. The Husband has made a couple quick trips over to take out some trash or to do some touch-up paint, but really nothing that makes too big of an impact.

We are hoping to get over there tomorrow evening for a quick moment. I plan to clean out our new fridge and I think The Husband will continue to work to clean out the basement.

Two bigger projects we have on our list:

Mulch - we bought some mulch this past weekend in hopes of getting the beds around the house cleaned up before winter.

Primer - we would also like to get a coat of primer on all of the woodwork downstairs in high hopes of getting the other two main rooms painted next week.

We have pushed our move-in date back a week but still hope to get in the house by Christmas. We know it won't be finished by then, and most likely the upstairs will still remain un-painted but I am okay with that. It will give us something to do in February when the winter days get really looooonnng:)

Plan to post pictures of the fridge on Friday!

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