Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 109: Pink

It's moving week!!!! What that means is that this will be my last blog post from The House We Currently Live In. But don't worry, I will have plenty to post about next week.

The last room we had to get ready was The Girls' Room. As you saw from my previous post, the downstairs in complete, the steps are ready. Both Bathrooms are going to get a complete renovation in time and we will still need to paint the upstairs hallway and the master bedroom. Both things that will just have to be done once we live there (will be much easier than packing the girls up every weekend like we have been doing).

But, The Girls' Room HAD to be finished before we moved in. We gave them complete ownership of this room and they are so excited for the move. We finished painting it last weekend and as soon as we were finished The Oldest turned to me and said "Okay Mom, now we have to go home and get our beds). She is ready to move!

Here are some before pics of the room.

Our little helpers. The Oldest had a very nice "paint the fence" kind of technique.

The Youngest preferred to go with a more side-to-side motion.

Here are some of the after shots (phone pics, sorry). Now, remember that we gave The Girls complete ownership over this room and that included picking the color. Which they love. The given name of this color is Peach Beige, but there is nothing Peach or Beige about it. It is Pink!

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