Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 113: Boxes

Well, we are deep into moving week and I cannot believe that tonight will be the last night we spend in this house.

As I have been trying to document as much as possible during this process, there are two things I failed to do this week. Number One was to walk around The House We Currently Live In and take pictures. I know that we can always use our Realtor's pictures for that but it's just no the same.

The other thing I wished I did was take pictures of each room after they had been boxed up. We have been moving a room a day this week and it is kind of weird to see all off your stuff stacked in the garage in a pile of boxes. I thought of this idea when I saw our entire Kitchen all packed up - kind of weird. Of course, I was so focused on boxing everything up, that I didn't even take the time to go get my camera.

So here we are, the day before we move and the last room is packed up. Here is a picture of The Girls' Room all packed up into boxes and laundry baskets. One side note, I do have to tell you how proud I am of The Girls. They helped me pack up some of this stuff last night and they were so great about it. No worries at all about moving to The New/Old House, in fact they are actually quite excited. The Oldest was especially helpful but I think that is just because she wants to make sure that all of her stuff makes it over to The House:)

On a(nother) side note: Because we have been moving and unpacking a room a day. We have succesfully moved using seven banana boxes and three egg boxes!

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