Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 125: Smells

So, I have a weird thing about smells. First of all, I have a super sensitive smeller and second most smells remind me of a special time and place from my past. Two of my favorites....the smell of an early morning summer takes me right back to summer camp and the smell of someone who was working any sort of lawn equipment in the cold air takes me right back to snowy school day mornings growing up. I call it "cold sweat" but I bet my sister knows exactly what smell I am talking about.

Oops and I almost forgot, the smell of rain on hot pavement. No specific memory attached to that smell but it's one of my favorites.

Anyways, we went back to The Old House on Sunday to do some cleaning up and the first thing I noticed was how it smelled. Now it wasn't a bad smell, not at all, it was just the smell of an empty house. A smell that confirmed that we no longer lived there.

Flash Forward to today and I was out taking The Dog for a walk while The Husband got The Girls ready for bed. It was a clear and cool night filled with fresh air, air that smelled of nothing. So that when I opened the door to Our House my nose was filled with all of the scents. It smelled like bacon and skillet potatoes from dinner mixed with a little bit of apple shampoo from The Girls' shower, but most of all it smelled like Home.

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