Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 124: Home

I want to begin this post by saying that I LOVE THIS HOUSE. Everything about it is great and wonderful but I have been struggling a little bit with it not quite feeling like "home" to me. The downstairs is great and I feel completely comfortable down there, but upstairs is a whole different story.

Now, none of you have seen any pictures of our upstairs yet (except The Girls' Room) and that is because it is not yet finished. In fact, it still needs quite a bit of love. So that had to be it, right? Nope, there is a totally different answer to my problem.

You see, most of these feeling came at night when I would be trying to go to sleep. The Master Bedroom just did not feel comfortable to me so I have been suffering through some sleepless nights. Then, a few days ago the final piece came clamoring up the steps. What was it, you ask....why nothing but our crazy (but loved) dog. Yep, when we were living at the Other House, The Dog always slept under our bed but now that we have moved to The House she has been spending a lot of time on the rug under our dining room table. See the pictures here.

It is understandable as she is still a bit unsure about the wood floors but, last night, for the first night she spend the entire night in our room and I got a good night sleep.

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