Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 138: Cable

Well, after four months of watching broadcast television (which really wasn't all that bad thanks to PBS Kids) we are finally back in the 21st Century! Our Satellite Dish was installed on Saturday and we have been enjoying all 738 of our channels since then.

It's not so much the channels I missed but it was more the DVR. Anyways, we are back in business!

To get ready for installation on Saturday, The Husband worked very hard all Friday evening to get everything prepared. From what I could tell, that included drilling a lot of holes. Holes for the cable line to come into the house, holes for the line to get into the Front Room, holes to run the speakers for the surround sound, and I think just a few more holes because he was having fun playing with his drill:)

The most impressive part, though - was this custom shelf he busted out in just a few short hours. For a man who did not consider himself all that handy a few months ago - he is like a pro now.

Here is our "before" shot but really it is the shelf on the opposite side.

But here is what he did! Notice how nicely the DVD player, Satellite Box, and Vtech V.Smile fit so nicely in their own little compartments?

And a close-up shot:

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