Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 139: Christmas Tree

Okay, so I am totally going to brag here, but I just had to share with you all how beautiful our Christmas Tree is. First of all, we totally had a fresh blanket of snow on the ground the morning we were planning go get our tree. That and the big fat flakes that were still falling made it a perfect day to head out to The Big Tree Plantation for our yearly tradition of cutting down our Christmas Tree.

The Girls, The Husband, The Dog, and I all piled into our SUV and drove over the river and through the wood. We tromped through the snow, rode on a tractor pulled wagon and tromped through the snow some more until we found it - the perfect tree.

The Girls and our Chosen Tree
Trying to pull the Chosen Tree on the sled

The Oldest placing the star on top
And, The Youngest placing the star on top

Lights On

Lights Off

It is so beautiful, not a bare spot on it and is smells soooo.... good!

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