Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 168: This Was a Good Idea?

Okay, so way back when this all began we decide that the ceiling upstairs needed to be sanded. This was a fine idea because there was not any furniture in the house and we had a handy-dandy little hose that hooked up to our shop-vac and kept the dust to a minimum. What we did not have, though, was the appropriate ladder to sand the small 6x4 foot section above the steps.

Flash forward three months, we are moved into the house and ready to paint the upstairs hallway when we remember about that pesky little 6x4 foot area. This time we do have the appropriate ladder but we no longer have the shop-vac hook up.

It needed to be done but........SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

This 6x4 foot area was placed in the perfect spot so that dust is now covering the entire upstairs and downstairs. Plus, the particles are so fine that a lot of them are still floating around in the air. I have swept, I have mopped, I have dusted and I will have to do it all again tomorrow.
But the ceiling looks better:)

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