Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 170: Creepy Room

Up until a week ago (when The Electrician re-wired the basement for me) there used to be this small room under the basement steps that I avoided at all costs. This was a bit difficult to do because to get to the back part of the basement I had to walk past this room. Walking, I did not do - I usually kicked it up to a jog to get past this creepy room.

There used to not be a light in this room and only once, when I was overtaken by curiosity, I decided to shine a flashlight into this dark and dusty area. Word to the wise, everything looks about 100 time creepier when viewed with a flashlight.

So now there is a nice little light bulb in this room and I can walk past it at a very slow pace. But I have to ask myself, what what this room used for? As you can see from the picture below, there are some nice shelves in the back..... As some point and time, somebody took the time to wallpaper it......

And the paneling down here is much nicer than the barn siding in our dining room.

There is even a long row of hooks, currently used to hug and snuggle some of our new wiring.

So, what do you think this room was used for? What I do know is that a long, long, long, time ago the kitchen was in the basement and there are the remains of a very large fireplace (used for cooking) on the back wall. So, was this some sort of pantry?
Well, if I ever become an Extreme Couponer at least now I will have place to store my 400 boxes of free Barilla pasta:)

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