Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 171: Ice Cream

This came home from school on Friday.
Okay, so this totally may be one of those "you needed to be there" kind of stories but I am going to tell it anyways. New Year's Day was a balmy 65 degrees here and what does one do when it is 65 degrees in winter? Go out for ice cream!!! And it just so happens we have some of that just down the street from us.
So we leashed up the dog, put our light-weight jackets on and headed down Main Street to get one of the many flavors of soft-serve available to us at our local walk-up ice cream parlor. is closed. Don't laugh, I know that we should have assumed that an ice cream parlor would be closed on New Year's Day but it seemed like such a great idea.
Back-up Plan: Walk back to the house, drop of the dog and cross a very busy intersection to get to the IGA and buy some ice cream there. May not sound all that exciting, but The Girls had a great time. And, we learned that you can buy Drumsticks without the nuts. Very exciting day for two girls who were planning to get vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles only to find that it was closed and they would have to walk four blocks home and then another two blocks to get to the IGA to buy plain old ice cream sandwiches. But NO....Drumsticks without the nuts! Even Better!!!
We then walked home and ate the ice cream on our porch. The Husband sitting with The Girls on the wicker love seat and me sitting across from them on the rocker.

Happiness to me is...

Eting (eating) is (ice) krem (cream) on the porch maks (makes) me happy.
Do you see how she re-created the whole scene? Every detail is covered, down to the peanut free chocolate-covered drumsticks. So flippin' cute!

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