Friday, January 28, 2011

Dining Room To-Do List

Because yesterday I took some time to brag about how much we had already done in our dining room, I thought I would take some time today to fill you all in on what we still have to do.

Some of these items are easy. Take this for example, we need to take this ugly outlet (there are more than one) and make it look more like......

....this beautiful outlet we have upstairs. This involves some time, but doesn't make very much of a mess. What is keeping us from doing this was mentioned earlier - we have outlets everywhere and they all need to be updated.

Another easy update would be this floor grate. A few weeks ago, The Husband collected all of our floor grates and spray painted them so they look better than they did before but.....

I would be happier if they all looked like this:And, oh the light fixture, which isn't even that bright. Please don't get me started on the ceiling because I don't even know what to do about that. I am totally open to suggestions.
Okay so back to the light. Here it is now:

Here is what I would like it to be. The current light is in the center of the room and I would like this one hanging over the table. Big Project - not ready to take it on yet.

Oh yes, and the girl in me needed to include this large empty space above our buffet.

Some day to be filled by these:

Another project that will wait until the spring, which is when we will be painting the outside of our entry door. Brass handles - one of the reasons we moved out of the old house.

To be replaced by these beautiful oiled bronze handles. I don't know if you have figured this out yet, but I have a bit of an obsession with oiled bronze. See floor grates and outlet covers above.

And now onto the bigger projects. I like to call these my "someday" projects. Number one is this terrible wall paneling. Nailing boards to the wall that you took from the barn you just tore down sounds like a good idea in theory but, it is not.

Someday, it will look like this:

And, oh those 175 year old wood floors. I don't even have an after picture for those because I have no idea what needs to be done. We could sand and refinish them but they are in such bad shape that we may have to replace them. How will that work? We don't even have a sub-floor!

Oh, I almost forgot, I also need to buy a proper planter for my ivy:)

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