Friday, February 4, 2011

1/2 Bath

I'm thinking about painting our 1/2 bath this weekend. Shhh...don't tell The Husband. He is currently on a plane from LAX and has big plans of spending Saturday on the couch.

You see, Papa is on his way to pick up The Girls right now and will not be bringing them back until Sunday, which means we are kidless until then. Plus, we are having some friends over for The Superbowl and if we paint the 1/2 bath then we can close the door to our Master Bedroom and everything our guests will see has been redecorated (or at least, repainted).

My thoughts are if I can get the trim painted and the holes filled this evening then The Husband and I can paint the walls and the ceiling tomorrow to have everything hung back up by pre-game on Sunday.

I guess you will have to wait to see if this really does happen.

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