Friday, February 25, 2011

Speaking of Ceilings

While we are on the topic of ceilings, I would also like to discuss our dining room ceiling:

What is up with that???? Those tiles are in no way attractive. Wonder what the previous owners were trying to hide under there? Not just are they ugly, but we will have to do some creative wiring if we want to hang our latest present from the blog fairy. I don't think that bead board will be the answer here - but I do think that a tin ceiling could be really cool.

I wish we could put in a reclaimed tin ceiling - but that will get a bit pricey. I live the thinking behind that - lets take something that is old and dirty (and would have been considered trash 20 years ago), market it as "reclaimed" and jack the price up on it. Obviously it works, because I want some.

I also came across this cool faux tin ceiling with a nice little patina to it, but our dining room is already pretty dark so a dark ceiling may add to the problem.

For cost and convenience, I am guessing we will end up going with something more like this faux ceiling at Lowe's. Still nice but not quite the conversation piece the reclaimed tin would be!

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