Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lowes is the new Target

There once was a time where The Husband used to refer to Target as the $100 store. Most of you know what I am talking about - it is very difficult to leave Target spending under $100. You go there for just one thing, but because it is such a great store, you would then find at least seven other things you never knew you needed. Well, I have since cut back on my trips to Target but trips to Lowes are a whole different story. We went there this past weekend to buy "S" hooks and Gray paint. $100 later and I can't even tell you what extras we bought but they were definitely things that we needed. Then yesterday I went back for a can of spray paint (microwave cart project I will share with you soon) but I somehow ended up in the outdoor living section of Lowes. Where I happened upon this great little bistro set. I am happy to say that I did leave Lowes with just the can of spray paint, but I can't promise that I won't be going back for this: So cute! I was initially thinking we could put it out front for a cute little bistro setting. The sidewalk gets very wide in front of our house and I had been looking for something to fill the space. I wouldn't even mind if passers-by took a seat, especially since that is the only way it would ever get used.
But then I remembered that we have this cute little brick patio in the back that we are thinking of expanding and a cute little bistro set may be just what it needs.

Ahh, the struggles of where to put the bistro set I don't even own yet:)

On a side note, it is snowing here. Big, fat, white, fluffy snowflakes. Hope its warm wherever you are.

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