Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It is Time

This is a big week for us as we will FINALLY be painting the Master Bedroom. This has been pushed to the back burner for two reasons. The first being that we have just been tired of painting. We hit the ground running when we first got the house but kind of burnt ourselves out. The second being that nobody ever sees our Master Bedroom. When we have guests this usually becomes the catch all of where we put all of the misc. items during our "quick clean" or it is where our dog spends some quality time since she becomes very high energy whenever we have guests. Whatever the reason, the door is usually closed so nobody gets to see inside.

I would like to see this train of thought to change. I would like to see our Master Bedroom become a relaxing and inviting place to be.

This is what it looked like when we first acquired the home:

See the fan? See how close the windows are to the floor? Well I guess in the 1830's people liked to have 12 foot ceiling downstairs but only 6 foot ceilings upstairs. Needless to say that the fan was a bit of a safety hazard and was soon replaced with a ceiling light.

We also ripped out the ugly blue carpet. Although the floors we found underneath were not in perfect shape, anything was better than the carpet.

But after that, we didn't do much else. It is a bit cleaner and there is now furniture it it but the trim is still navy blue and the walls are still a chalky white.

Not for long, though - after I finish this post I am headed to the basement to get my paintbrush and our 5-gallon jug of primer! Here we go!

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