Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

So, a few days ago I got yelled at - I believe it went something like this "Stop Buying Things!". But I just couldn't help it, since most of the downstairs has been finished, I had to start decorating. Our walls were bare!!

I blame it all on the Blog Fairy who showed up at our door with this!!!!

So cool, and so big! Once we got this monster up on the wall, it was all downhill from there!

I also broke down and bought myself these two pictures. I have been visiting these online for about three years and for a short time they were even sold out! I figured three years was long enough and very obviously I was not going to tire of them. So I went to and purchased these bad boys. On a side note, has some of the best customer service I have ever come by!

I think these pictures look great in my corner office. Get it - because my office is actually a very small corner of our dining room:)

Another one of my favs is this super fun, super retro, wall phone I found on ebay. We don't actually have a home phone line so it is just for decor but I still like it. Plus, since I wasn't looking to buy one in working condition I saved a whole lotta money.

It serves as a good conversation piece, the first day we had it hung we had some friends over that almost pulled it off the wall when they first saw it (needless to say that I am no longer allowed to hang things in the house, as I forgot to attach the bottom of the phone).

This picture we already had but we did move it to a new home. I think it needs to come down a few inches but that is what I get for leaving home when The Husband had Hang Pictures on his to-do list.

Finally, I am a fan of this picture because it only cost $5.00. We found the frame at Goodwill, painted it white - although I kind of wish I would have kept it the natural wood - and then found the print on SUPER CLEARANCE at Michaels. We had a lot of dead wall space upstairs so we found it a good home in the hallway.

Okay and so now I feel a need to revisit a couple of comments I made at the top of my post.

Dear Blog Fairy,

I don't really blame you for anything - please, please, please forgive me for that comment. I appreciate everything that you do and am so glad that you motivated us to get some stuff up on our walls! Please don't be mad at me, I would never do anything to hurt your feelings:)

Dear Husband,

I know you really didn't yell at me about all of the stuff I had been buying but to say you did sounded so much more dramatic and I have to keep the crowds entertained:)

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  1. Wowee!!! Is that rope bridge canvas beautiful or what??? I love it!! Our walls are very naked right now, too. It's definitely starting to get old!