Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Little Air Conditioner That Could

This morning, as I changed my "Currently Playing on my iPod" The Cave by Mumford & Sons was playing and I was inspired to write about the cave we have been living in for the past two weeks.

As what probably happened to the rest of you - spring skipped us. We went straight from a 58 degrees to 94 degrees in two days. Now don't get me wrong, I love summer - I mean like LOVE summer. I would choose hot over cold any day but it feels extra hot because my body didn't really have the chance to get used to it.

So, onto my cave. Our house may have the smallest air conditioner every and no matter what I do, we just can't seem to get the temperature below 74 degrees (72 would be best). I even tried to open the windows one chill morning to bring the temp lower and then turn the air conditioner on - no dice, the poor little thing just couldn't keep up.

Needless to say that our little air conditioner has been working overtime to keep the house at 74 degrees so we decided to help her out a little bit and now keep all of our blinds closed. I mean could you be at more of a disadvantage if you were the air conditioner of a 175 year old home with terrible windows?

Its not so much of a big deal for us because we are not home a lot during the day but I have noticed that our poor dog sleeps a whole lot more than she used to and I am beginning to wonder what our neighbors think. But for now creating our little cave has help out our air conditioner (and I am sure our electric bill) so that we still get that refreshing chill when we walk into the house after playing outside.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW. As of right now, it is a tight race between Barb & Sarah Kate:)

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