Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yep, that's right - FINALLY - you all can stop listening to me whine about this Master Bedroom project and we can move onto something else. The "before" pics you will see below were taken before we moved in so there were some improvements done before this painting project.

So, the first things that were done go something like this:

We ripped out the smelly blue carpeting
Ripped down the weird brown molding and put up some much nicer crown molding.
We took down and replaced the old blinds - we also removed the weird cornice boards they installed
Finally, we took down the death trap of a fan and replaced it with the Calypso light from IKEA

So, what did we do this time that took so long? I'm not really sure:)

Day One: Taping and Priming the trim
Day 2: Prep work like taking everything off the walls, changing out electrical sockets, etc.
Day 3: First coat of trim paint
Day 4: 2nd Coat of Trim Paint and rehanging the blinds
Day 5: Touch-up on the Trim Paint
Day 6: Taping and first coat of wall paint
Day 7: 2nd Coat of Wall Paint and touch-up
Day 8-10: Took a mini-vacation to Lake Cumberland, KY

Day 10 evening: Major kudos to the Husband because he did all of Day 10 on his own and it went something like this:

the ceiling
Rehang Light Fixture
Put in new air vent cover
Put all outlet covers back on
Rehang Bedroom Door, Bathroom Door, and Closet Doors
Install new transition plate between the bedroom and the bathroom
Rehang everything in bathroom

So, we now have one more room that has good bones and now just may need to be redecorated:)

Thanks for sticking by me through this - it was a tough one.


  1. It looks beautiful, Kerry! I love the paint color you chose! Ya'll's bedroom furniture is really nice, too!

    Just curious - what is a transition plate?

  2. Oh wow, what a difference! Looks great, I love the new look. Lots of hard work, but well worth it. Diane