Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blame it on the Rain

I hate to say it but I think the troops here at Main Street House may be ready for Fall. Ahh, it makes me sad to even say that because I love everything about summer but even I am ready for some cooler weather.

We are having a bit of a rainy day here and this morning I may even dare to say that the humidity was pretty low. Makes me look forward to those cool crisp days of Autumn. We still have one more vacation in our future but even on that we are headed North is search for cooler temperatures.

Here are the different ways the rest of the family is planning for Fall.

The Oldest keeps asking when she gets to go back to school and is so excited to go shopping for her school supplies. I love the age when school is still fun!

The Youngest checked out three books about Halloween from the Library and keeps asking if it is time for trick-or-treat.

Now that the season is back on The Husband is getting excited about the start of Football season and is planning trips to go watch our favorite team.

I have successfully managed to kill all of our potted plants so I am looking forward to cooler weather so I am blame it on the frost and not the lack of water they have received:)

I know it will be warm and sunny tomorrow so for the next month or so there will still be a lot of trips to the pool in our futures but just for today we can pretend that it is only 50 degrees outside and enjoy a rainy day inside.

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  1. Oh no! You're jumping to winter much too quickly!!! ;O) I know it's hot, but once winter's here, it's going to be wayyyy too darn cold. I'll take this heat and humidity any day over frigid temperatures!