Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A History Lesson

Okay, so since we will be going back to school soon and routine will again take over our life - I thought I would take a week to take this blog back to where it all started. And that would be The Main Street House. Day 365 has come and gone so I thought I would take you all on a little tour of where we have gotten so far but first I would like to start you off with a little history lesson.

For those of you who do not know it, the picture at the top of the blog is a picture of The Main Street House. I don't know who the man is standing in front of The House but The Husband thinks he is pretty cool. Since then a porch has been added onto the side of the house but, other than that, I think it looks pretty much the same.

Also, I know I have written about this before but our house has an official name. Because we live in the historic district, it is part of a self-guided walking tours where our house is referred to as The Jonathan Stanton House, or The Stanton House for short.

Although it doesn't appear that anything exciting happened in our house it is a suspected (but not confirmed) stop on the Underground Railroad. What we do know about The House goes something like this:

Joseph Stanton House - circa 1831

Jonathan Stanton and his brother Joseph arrived from Virginia in 1828. Both brothers were active in the Underground Railroad. The owned the house, but their is no evidence that they ever lived there. The house is noteworthy for its unusual Greek Revival architecture.

Pretty cool huh? Okay, so maybe not really.

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  1. Oh, wow! I definitely think thats cool!!! What a fascinating story. (I would just pretend it is all validated and truly WAS a stop on the underground railroad!) That's what's so neat about old houses - they all have a story that comes with them!

    I really like the house 2 doors down from you, too! The front porch is lovely! Does it still look like that?