Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Room for Baby

Alright, now that the Holidays are over it is time to start to get prepared for this little bundle of joy that will be joining us in six weeks.  First order of business is to get The Kid's room ready....

But, as always, I have to fill you in on a little bit of a back story.  When we first read the listing for Main Street House is was described as a three bedroom house.  Cool - the house we were living in was three bedroom and that seemed to fit our family just fine, The Girls were even already sharing a room and they loved it so the play was just to have that third bedroom be a guest/play room.

Well, things aren't always what they seem.  While technically this is a three bedroom house - the third bedroom measures 6 feet x 9 feet.  Not necessarily big enough to be a bedroom and a guestroom.  For the first 12 month we lived in Main Street House this 3rd Bedroom housed a bookshelf, two kid sized chairs and the dresser we used as our linen closet.  The Girl's referred to this room at The Library.  Over the past few months, that bookshelf and those chairs have been moved to the basement and we are now happy to call that room The Nursery.

Now, this room may be little but it has two huge windows in it so it actually feels a lot bigger than it is.  Here is the first window.  Oh, and check out that track lighting - pretty fancy huh?

A shot of window #2 so you can see the beautiful green moulding and the nice clean white carpet.

Upon moving in we ripped out that ugly white carpet in hopes of finding beautiful hardwood floors, but we found this instead:
What it the world???????
But after removing whatever kid of flooring that was, we found the wood floors!  Totally in love with the wide planking but they did need a little bit of love.
Okay, so that was the point where we initially stopped.  We found a great area rug at IKEA, threw it on the floor moved the bookshelf in and called it a day.

That was until December 26th.  This was when The Husband started really getting to work.  First things first - DEMO the molding.  After removing the carpet and the whatever flooring our baseboards ended up being about two inches off the floor so those had to go.

Look at that fancy wallpaper we found behind the molding!
He also removed the crown molding and the track lighting in preparation for the bead board ceiling.  What, you wouldn't want to cover that up??????

This is the last room in Main Street House to receive a make-over and with every room we do we learn something new.  What that means is that (usually) each room make-over is better than the one before it.  I can definitely say that that is true for this room.  But hey, it makes me feel better that the smallest room in the house is also the nicest.

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  1. this is so exciting!!! and hard wood! i love the wide planks, even if they need tlc, i love them ;)