Friday, December 9, 2011

Some More Holiday Decorating

Welcome to day 2 of my Christmas Decorating posts.  Today I am linking up with the Hooked on Holiday Houses party over at Hooded on Houses.

So we don't necessarily live in the biggest of houses which means when it comes to decorating Christmas we don't have a lot of options as to where to put everything.  I guess that is the reason why The Husband likes to say that it looks like Christmas threw-up in our front room:)

But I think that is usually the case.  I mean if you put your tree in the same room your stockings are hanging, then that will probably be the most Christmassy of all the rooms right?  Actually, I love this room and it is great that we spend so much time in it as a family because then I get to look around at all my lovely decoration.

Some detail shots of the Front Room:

We did decorate in some other areas too.  The buffet has a nice clean feel to it with a bowl of my favorite snowflake ornaments.  The only new items we bought this year were the Advent Calendar (which I love because I no longer have to answer the question "How many more days until Christmas?") and we bought some garland for our staircase which I hung some more snowflake ornaments from.

Next year we are going to focus on the outside of The House.  Before we moved we used to be those obnoxious neighbors that covered our house in lights - very Clark Groswold of us - but I don't really feel like that would fit the look of The Main Street House.  I am thinking lots of garland, wreaths, and hurricane lanterns would be more like it.  I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next year.


  1. Great decorations! I bet when people come to your house, they see your beautiful family room when they walk in.

  2. Love that old photo in your header. Is that your Main Street House? I love old house photos. Very cool. Thanks for joining my party today and inviting us in! I've had fun looking around your blog and seeing the before and after pics. :)