Saturday, August 31, 2013

Break from the Bats

We are going to take a time-out from the bats today so that I can brag on my kiddos for a second.  These two headed off for school last week and were both so excited to go.  But, not only did school start last week - so did dance and gymnastics.  Add to it the fact that soccer started two weeks ago and these girls are officially over scheduled.  It was quite a shock to all of us to go from our relaxing summer to running from one place to another but my little ladies handled it like champs. 

Can't believe this one is in 3rd grade already!

She was SO ready to get on that bus and head to Kindergarten.
I know this year is going to be great for both of them.  I am sure I will be saying this for many years to come but, "I can't believe how big they are getting"

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