Friday, August 16, 2013

It's been a while

 Ha, Ha, I'm just kidding.  That is not our house.  The picture above is actually our neighbors house but still, I had you going didn't I?  We actually hope to have some machinery parked in our back yard like this - some day- but we are not there yet.

So, I know you have all missed me and I apologize for leaving you for so long but I was busy.  Maybe not that busy but look at these three little monsters.  Aren't they cute?!?!  Hard to beleive that in my last post, they looked like this.  Jeez, it has been a while.
So, other than the fact that I have been spending some time with my awesome kiddos - the truth is, we have not done a whole lot.  For the first two years, the upgrades we made were low cost high impact.  As you can tell from our Before and After pictures, a can of paint can make a big impression.  But where are we now?  Well, we have traveled into the big stuff.  Which also means high cost and high impact.  You know, little things like leveling the downstairs floors, replacing the upstairs floors, repairing the steps, all new windows, bathroom and kitchen updates and upgrading the electric.  See what I mean by high cost?

The other thing holding me back is that I fear the domino effect.  Do you ever watch the DIY shows and as soon as they take a sledge hammer to a wall a whole new set of circumstances reviels itself.  Yep - I am not yet prepared for that.  As soon as we knock in our first hole our little "Moneypit" is going to on a life of it's own and I still think I need a few more months to prepare for that.  It is going to be a dusty, messy, and hectic couple of years but I think we are ready......maybe.

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