Tuesday, August 20, 2013

House Crashers

Do any of you out there watch Home Improvement shows?  Well, in our household, the TV on a Saturday is most likely turned to DIY Network or HGTV.  This is for two reasons, Reason #1 is that we (obviously) have plans to do some major home renovation so we like to get ideas as well as learn about new techniques.  Reason #2 is that we have three kids in our house.  You never really notice how bad most TV is until you turn to see your 8 year old looking over your shoulder - and this kid will watch ANYTHING!  So if The Husband and I want to watch TV on the weekend it has to be a home make over show or a cooking show.  These days, the home make-over shows are winning.
So, remember the 8 year old who I said would watch anything???  A few weeks ago DIY Network was running a marathon of their Crashers series and Elaina (that is the 8 year old's name) asked if she could write a letter to House Crashers.
Are you familiar with the Crashers series?  It is the one where the host approaches an unassuming couple at their local hardware store and offers to do a make-over on their house.  It is very cool - so cool that I think there are a lot of people out there (us maybe?) who just go and hang out at Lowe's hoping one of the Crashers shows up.
Anyways, here is the letter.  We are still waiting to hear back from DIY Network so that I can get an address to mail it to but.....isn't she so sweet? - love that kid.


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