Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coloring the Steps

While The Husband was painting the bathroom, technically I was cleaning but the way I clean does not take eight hours. To avoid having to join a very grumpy man in a very small bathroom I decided to make myself appear busy with various tasks around the house.

One of my favorites - coloring the steps. Our steps are in terrible condition and do need to be replaced but that is not something that is happening anytime soon so I was looking for a quick fix. My solution - we had a stain marker that came with our Wal-mart furniture for the dining room and I decide that it would be a good idea to use that to color in the exposed area of our steps.

I think it came out really well. The best part of my adventure (besides the fact that it took up a lot of my time and made me appear "busy") was that I found that I was not the first person to think up this idea. While I was examining our steps closer than I ever had before, I noticed areas that had been colored already. Pretty cool but also tells me that these steps REALLY need to be replaced. :)

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