Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Bloom

We are (finally) in full bloom! I felt like Spring arrived overnight here in Ohio. We had two full days of rain at the end of last week followed by a beautiful and sunny Sunday - and look what happened!

We, of course, were overly motivated from the beautiful scenery and decided to do something about this:

How can a house that is 175 years old have absolutely NO landscaping! So we got to work. Look closely and you will see the teeny-tiny plants we bought.

They were small, but they were also cheap AND they'll grow.

You can't see them in the pictures but we bought some dormant Lilac cuttings from Aldi for only $2.99. If they do manage to actually grow, I am so excited to see what our front steps will look like surrounded by those beautiful purple blooms.

We also bought some Azaleas to dress up the bed where we transplanted the Forsythia we stole from the old house.

Oh, and, remember THESE? Well, they continued to thrive on my windowsill until I couldn't take it anymore and planted them outside where.......they died:(

That's okay, thankfully I can pick some new ones up on my next trip to Lowe's!

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