Friday, April 1, 2011

What We did Last Weekend

So I thought it appropriate to wait until today (Friday) to tell you about all of the cool things we did LAST WEEKEND. The biggest impact of all is our front door - curb appeal anybody? The original door was black with banged up brown trip and can be found in this picture. We go new hardware for the door so, of course, before we installed it we needed to paint the door. I love the color we chose and hope that, someday, our trim will be white and not brown. However, we were lucky enough to find some of the brown paint in the basement so The Husband was able to pretty that up too. We then moved inside, as you can see our new door hardware is just as pretty from the inside (original hardware seen here). We also found some great hooks to replace our coat rack (seen in this picture) that broke. And we upcycled a mirror that I found in my parent's basement and was from my very first apartment. It used to be a pale green/shabby chic kind of thing so I hit it with some spray paint the same color as our trim. *the real reason for the mirror is because I am a hat person but we did not have a mirror downstairs so I would have to run all the way upstairs to make sure my hat is on right. Vain much? Lazy much? Finally, we hung the blog fairy lamp! We were struggling with how to hang this because the initial idea was to move it so it hung directly over our dining table. With the old wiring and the cheap ceiling we were a bit hesitant to do it so I suggested just replacing the old light with it (in the center of the room). We mounted it as close to the ceiling as we could and I really like how it turned out.
Wait! One more thing....I spent Tuesday all by myself. No kids and no husband. I wasn't nearly as productive as I was hoping to be but I did manage to paint our microwave cart the same color as our cabinets. This was not as easy at you may think. After my third can of spray paint, I finally gave up and brought in inside to finish it off with two coats of traditional paint.

**I am also finally getting some pictures up on our Before and After page so be sure to check that out!

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