Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Husband Ever!

Ahh, so we are back to the normal routines of life and I am finding that I am happy about that.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend but even-though we stayed in-town I feel like it just flew by and that I was exhausted the entire time.  We went out with friends Wednesday night, celebrated Thanksgiving at my dad's on Thursday, ran errands and cared for a sick kid on Friday, I worked on Saturday and then we enjoyed a rainy football game on Sunday.  Busy, busy, busy.

So you may have noticed that I said that I worked on Saturday but what did The Husband do?  Only the best thing ever!  He made-over the fireplace!  I am sure by now you are sick of hearing be talk about this darn fireplace but I may just dedicate the entire week to how much I love my fireplace.

This unhealthy relationship I have with our fireplace dates all the way back to July 28, 2010 when I took a screwdriver to those awful hearts and pried them off.  After that there was some sanding and some painting but I still wasn't in love.

Here is a picture of what the fireplace looked like up until Saturday morning:

Here is the fireplace that I am obsessed with and talk about all the time:

And here is my NEW FIREPLACE!!!!!

Oh my Gosh!  Don't you just love it????  I can't wait until Thursday when I plan to decorate it for Christmas!  It is going to be so great!

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